Design Consultancy

Our Consultancy firm provides clients with engineering expertise throughout the project economics, project lifecycle, from feasibility studies and scope documents to design conceptualization, bill of quantities, analysis, detail design, construction management and post-construction evaluations.

Its objective is to provide integrated, client-driven consulting engineering and design solutions that help companies attain a competitive edge in the market.

Our team of professionals has the best resources and proficiency in delivering fast and accurate results that ensure value addition at every stage of work, contributing to the project’s success.

Detail Engineering

We offer Architectural, Civil, Structural Design and piping including Estimation of quantities for tender document, tender document for Piping, Architectural, civil and structural works, plot development, drawings for statutory approvals and construction drawings for all buildings / areas.

Engineering studies comprises the following:

Basic Engineering

This includes preparation of conceptual schemes, basic design calculations for foundations, structures, system design, sizing and selection of equipment and facilities, plant preparation of plant / industry layout and assessment of infrastructure requirements.

In -Detailed Engineering

This includes In-detail engineering for the complete concepts, analysis, design and preparation of bill of quantities for the Power Plants, Industrial buildings, Infra, Recreation, Housing and Commercial. It also includes layouts using advanced software’s.

Feasibility Studies – DPR

For any new project, we initially perform a study to establish techno-economic feasibility of the project. Once the project is found to be feasible, a detailed bankable report is prepared covering most suitable technology options and financial structuring of the project.

This report is prepared keeping in view the requirements for obtaining clearances from various government agencies and also to approach financial institutions.

From planning new setups and expansion projects to preparing financial restructuring strategies. Our comprehensive techno-economic services include:

  • Preliminary Studies
  • Market Studies
  • Site Selection Studies
  • Master Plan Studies
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Engineering Studies
  • Productivity Review
  • Lenders Engineer’s Report
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Environment Management Plans

Project Management

Effective Project Management is the key to managing change and innovation successfully in today's rapidly evolving technology domains. We have in-depth understanding of the concepts and techniques required to manage projects of any capacity and scale. Its experience across a wide range of industries encourages give-and-take of ideas and adoption of best practice techniques.

Our skills and services, coupled with its global reach across all markets gives it a distinct edge over others in project consulting. This service includes Project Planning, Schedule Management, Project Evaluation and Progress Reporting, Contract Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management & Performance Monitoring, Materials Management, Assistance in Commissioning, Follow-up and expediting Services and Budgetary Cost-Control.